So stoked on this. Book launch and exhibition: Vinz at Jonathan Levine, naturally, and by Wooster Collective, perfect. 

I recall a time when an artist was signing prints at JLG and there was a line that wrapped around outside of the gallery. I didn’t know if this was going to be one of those situations. You never really know how popular someone is by the time you find them. 

This was totally not one of those situations. Kind of felt like a total nerd, once again, (waiting in line at the Japan Society to see a one-time showing of Battle Royale, an example of another time). REALLY didn’t care though, because you see that number? 2. 2/100. And dude was so chill and nice, and spent a few minutes sketching in my book. Totally worth the price and being one of the first ones there and feeling a bit silly for it. I was giddy all night though, and I got an original print too! Buying a limited edition art book makes me happy, having it signed and sketched in makes me super happy, and buying an original piece too? High. 

Yeah, I’m a fan. His inspiration, process, medium, and message. Made my Friday night. 

Vinz is a street artist from Valencia, Spain. I highly recommend checking him out, and if you are in NYC, go to the exhibit at Jonathan Levine Gallery!

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